Bowling Green 0 vs No. 7 Akron men’s soccer 3 Final

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Bowling Green 0 Akron 2

Before the game the University of Akron President Dr. Luis Proenza awarded UA head coach Caleb Porter with his 100th career game ball. Porter achieved this accomplishment on Oct. 15 against Hartwick at home in a 2-0 win.

All-time UA is 39-8-3 against Bowling Green. The Zips have also won their last 11 matches against the Falcons dating back to 2002.

Coach Porter is 6-0 all-time against BG, out-scoring the Falcons 26-3.

First Half BGSU0 Akron 0

22nd minute Shot by Akron Aodhan Quinn, save Falcons.

30th minute shot by Akron Aodhan Quinn, save Falcons.

34th minute shot by Akron Scott Caldwell, blocked.

36th minute shot by Akron Aodhan Quinn, blocked.

38th minute shot by Akron Reinaldo Brenes, wide left.

40th minute shot by Akron Scott Caldwell, bocked.

44th minute shot by Akron Aodhan Quinn, blocked.

End of the Half

Akron two shots on goal one corner kick.

Bowling Green zero corner kicks and zero shots on goal.

Second Half 

48th minute goal Akron. 16th goal of the season for sophomore forward Darren Mattocks scored in close range of a deflection started by Portillos. Assist on the play Scott Caldwell and Zac Portillos.

56th minute shot by Bowling Green Rodcliff Hall, wide left.

61st minute shot by Bowling Green Rodcliff Hall, save Meves.

69th minute shot by Akron Scott Caldwell, wide.

Goal Akron 73rd minute. Junior midfielder Thomas Schmitt with his fourth goal of the season. Goal scored on a give and go from 16 yards out on the lower left side of the goal. Assist on the play Mattocks.

Goal Akron in the 77nd minute. Mattocks with his second goal of the night and 17th of the season.



GK David Meves

D Chad Barson

D Bryan Gallego

MF Wil Trapp

MF Reinaldo Brenes

F Aodhan Quinn

F Darren Mattocks

D Zac Portillos

MF Scott Caldwell

D DeAndre Yedling

F Luke Holmes


Akron vs Cincinnati

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Nippert Stadium

First Quarter

Cincinnati drives down the field for a touchdown in the first 3 minutes of the game. 7-0 Bearcats.

Akron’s kick return good for 29 yards.

Jawon Chisholm stopped for a one yard loss for the Zips first play of the game.

Clayton Moore complete a pass up the middle to Antoine Russell for a 12 yard gain. First down Akron.

Chisholm with the first down. Ball on Akron’s 39.

Clayton Moore with the fumble. Bearcats recover the fumble and run it back for a touchdown. 14-0 Bearcats. Derek Wolfe with the touchdown.

Zips on the Bearcats six yard line. False start Akron. Ball now on the three yard line.

Zips 3rd and long. Pass incomplete.

Zips force the Bearcats to punt ball on the Bearcats 10 yard line for the Zips next series.

Chisholm with a 31 yard rushing gain. First down Akron on the Bearcats 42 yd line.

Clayton Moore with the fumble for the Zips. Bearcats recover it on their own 30 yard line.

Cincinnati with the field goal attempt on the 26 yd line. Blocked by Akron’s Hasan Hazime.

End of the first quarter Zips have the Ball on their own 26 yard line.

Second Quarter

Clayton Moore’s pass intercepted by Dominique Battle of Cincinnati. 21-0 Bearcats.

Junior Quarterback Patrick Nicely now in for the Zips. Chilsholm the ball carrier first down Akron.

Touchdown Bearcats. 28-0 Cincy. Zach Collaros with the rushing touchdown.

Zips go three and out. Ball on the 40 yd line for the Bearcats.

Cincinnati touchdown. 35-0 Bearcats. 7:56 left in the first half.

Pass by Nicely intercepted.

Touchdown Bearcats. 41-0 Cincy. 4:54 to in the second half.

Touchdown Bearcats. 49-0 Cincy. 1:41 to go in the half. Third defensive touchdown in the half.

End of the Half.

Half time stats.

-The Cincinnati defense scored a total of three touchdowns in the first half.

-The Bearcats scored five touchdowns in the second quarter.

-Running back Jawon Chisholm has rushed for a total of 76 yard on 15 caries.

-Clayton Moore has been sacked three times and has thrown two interception.

-The Zips have only crossed the 50 yard line three times today.

Third Quarter

Field Goal Cincinnati. 52-0 Bearcats. 6:17 left in the third quarter.

End of the third quarter

Fourth Quarter

Touchdown Cincinnati 59-0. 14:26 to go.

First touchdown of the year for the ZIPS. 59-7. Keith Sconiers with the TD grab.

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Akron vs Ohio State

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Ohio Stadium aka "The Horseshoe"

First Quarter

Clayton Moore’s first pass completed to Jawon Chisholm for four yards.

Chisholm the ball carrier gain of ten.

False start Akron.

Akron to punt the ball away on the 28.

Brian Wagner with the first tackle of the season for the Zips. Gain of two for Ohio State.

A 20 yard gain for Ohio State. Seth Cunningham with the stop.

Ohio State with the touchdown and extra point 7-0.

(Ohio States drive= 8 plays 74 yards)

Chilsholm with the carry loss of one.

Clayton Moore the ball carrier gain of 8.

Pass intended for Maruelo Suel pass broken up.

5 yard gain for Ohio State. 2 and 5

Gain of ten for Ohio State. Pass play.

Akron’s Dan Marcoux makes the stop. Joe Buaserman a gain of one.

Rod Smith Gain of 19 for Ohio State. Josh Richmond of Akron makes the stop.

Rod Smith the ball carrier for Ohio State. Fumbles at the one yard line Akron recovers. John Griggs credited on the fumble for Akron.

Chisholm the ball carrier three yard gain for Akron.

Chisholm the ball carrier gain of five for Akron.

3rd and 2 for Akron. Moore’s pass incomplete. End of the first quarter.

Ohio State 7- Akron 0

Second Quarter

Akron 4 and 2. Punt on the 41.

Braxton Miller has not entered the game at Quarterback for Ohio State. Gain of two on the play for Miller.

Botched snap for Ohio State. Loss of seven. Ohio State to punt to Akron’s A.J. Price.

Clayton Moore makes something out of nothing,escaping a sack to complete a pass to Anthony Meriweahter for a 4 and 1.

Ianello is now challenging the ruling on the field.

After further review the ruling on the field stands as 4 and 1 for Akron.

Akron’s defense being tossed around today. Ohio State keeps getting good chunks of yardage with each play.

Bauserman with the pass broken up by Manny Waller. 2 and 10 Ohio State.

Ohio State with the touchdown 14-0.

(13 plays 64 yard 5:35)

Clayton Moore the ball carrier gain of 5 yards for Akron. 3 and 15.

Pass incomplete Akron. 4 and 15. Akron to punt.

Josh Richmond with the stop. Gain of  four Ohio State.

4 and 6 for Ohio State with 3:03 left in the second quarter.

Ohio State with a 40 yard field goal kick. Wide right.

Costly mistakes by Akron. Jarrod Dillard can’t hold onto the  ball Ohio State picks it off.

Ball on Ohio States 11.

Touch Down Ohio State. 21-0 OSU.

(4 plays 35 yards 1:20)

Third Quarter

4 and 9 for Akron. Campbell to punt the ball away for Akron.

Akron on the ten yard line 3rd and 8.


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